Mobius Zoology

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-> Dear friends
-> ES: Also, if you assume Sally is indeed a squirrel, she would be in
-> danger with Tails and Antoine (foxes) around
-> I'm inclined to the theory that Sally is a ground squirrel as was
-> her
-> mother. ( Note how in one of the comics Sonic and Sally were able to
-> have children and their son was a hedgehog while the daughter was a
-> ground squirrel ). If this was the case, I'm now wondering if there
-> was any contro- versy in having a "predator/prey" mixed marriage. :-)
-> BB: Considering that all the other characters are based on animals
-> here on Earth,..
-> In "Blast to the Past", Sally gave the year as somewhere in the
-> 3000's
-> ( I forgot exactly what year. ) This made me wonder, could Mobius be
-> the Earth in the far future, wherein some animal species evolved into
-> anthropomorphs?

Well Logic like that really has no place in a Saterday Morning cartoon.
If the food chain really mattered here then sonic whould be in danger
around tails. And alos Hedgehogs are verry slow in real life. So when it
comes to cartoons stuff like that goes aside.

And Yes it is posable that Mobius is a future Earth. Maby the Human race
slowed down when it came to evolveing and that gave the anmials a jump.
then humans slowly died out so that there are verry few of them around
3000. But some whoud live till then that whoude explain Robotnik and

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