Mobius Zoology

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Dear friends

ES: Also, if you assume Sally is indeed a squirrel, she would be in danger with
    Tails and Antoine (foxes) around

     I'm inclined to the theory that Sally is a ground squirrel as was her
mother. ( Note how in one of the comics Sonic and Sally were able to have
children and their son was a hedgehog while the daughter was a ground
squirrel ). If this was the case, I'm now wondering if there was any contro-
versy in having a "predator/prey" mixed marriage. :-)

BB: Considering that all the other characters are based on animals here on

     In "Blast to the Past", Sally gave the year as somewhere in the 3000's
( I forgot exactly what year. ) This made me wonder, could Mobius be the Earth
in the far future, wherein some animal species evolved into anthropomorphs?
     See ya around.

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

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