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> In "Blast to the Past", Sally gave the year as somewhere in the
>( I forgot exactly what year. [3224] ) This made me wonder, could Mobius be
>the Earth
>in the far future, wherein some animal species evolved into

   First of all, if it was a future Earth, why isn't it still called Earth?
 Secondly, at the current rate of technological development, I'm sure that
Sally would own something much better than a simple hand-held computer
capable of having an intelligent conversation with anybody, disregarding
their accent.
   My theory is that Mobius is another planet. Obviously, most of the
animals evolved at the same rate. (Some more quickly than others according
to "Run With the Fox.") Since they have gotten to the point where they are
considered "intelligent life," they don't eat each other as their ancestors
did. Tails is a mutant, Sally is a squirrel, and Antoine is a fox.
   (Question: why are all humans bent on world domination?)


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