Re: Sonic#26:Princess Sally - a Weasel??

From: Robin Hood <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 1995 19:28:47 -0400 (EDT)

> > somebody pointed out a long time ago, Sally is *not* Tails' aunt.
> > Remember that in the cartoon series, he also called Bunnie "Aunt Bunnie",
> > and everybody called Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck." And, as somebody else pointed
> > out a while back, the Archie people themselves have said that she is a
> > squirrel. Now, I know that doesn't hold water with many people :), but they
> > are the ones who write and draw her, so their's is a strong opinion, at any
> > rate.
> Ok, so I made a mistake. But to Archie saying she is a ground
> squirrel, they do make mistakes. After all, when asked what Sally's age is,
> they replied fifteen. But in the cartoon "Drood Henge", she says she has
> two years before her coming of age. (18) So who's right? I figure that the
> cartoon is right, so your strong opinion has lost some of its punch.

And as Drazen says in the FAQ, who's to say that the Mobian age of maturity
isn't 17? After all, the cartoon *also* says she's 15, but it never gives
an exact number for the age of maturity. So, 15 + 2 = 17, no? :)

But I digress...
> Sally 's head resembles her father in many ways, that proves she
> is a fox! To those out there who think Sally is a chipmunk or ground
> squirrel, if you want those species, watch Chip & Dale, there're your
> chipmunks!!
Believe what you will. If yer that set about it, then believe what you will
and quit pouting that others don't believe the same way. :) I look at her
face and I see a squirrel. Go fig.
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