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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 17:13:03 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 24 Feb 1995, James Firmiss wrote:

> You still got all those extra guys you see cameos of on occasion. And
> whats wrong with Rotor and Bunnie :) [lots of silly comments involving
> Rotor having more to tinker with than Bunnie's robotic parts deleted]

Rotor? You're kidding, right? (:3 I don't think he'd know a
proposition if it whacked him over the head; he's more interested in
hardware than, ahem, software... besides, I just don't think he's
Bunnie's type, though he's about the best person in the camp to
understand her unique condition. I have my own theory on who she might
wind up shacking up with eventually, though, and if you're not nice I
might inflict it on you. (:3

> They said he was 5 in a recent comic (Issue #23) and I know I read he was
> '4' from someplace else. Personally, I think the TV show making him 10
> is the most reasonable number.

(nods) Agreed. No way would they let him leave Knothole if he were 4 or
5. The only reason they let him go on missions *now* is probably

> Yup. Nicole (I think) was presented in the 'In Your Face' special.

So how 'come she was found in that casing, as the FAQ states? She go

> However unless Tails somehow aged 4 years when everyone else aged only 1 I
> see no real way for the comic and tv show to both be correct no matter what
> the time you set either in.

Given a continuity error, I prefer to believe the SatAM show. (:3

> [ I'm really suprised Sally doesn't have dislocated shoulders the way Sonic
> just yanks her about by her arm like that ]

Good point! If he's going to be hauling people around a lot, he should
have a harness or something they can strap into... (:3

> This brings up another question I had.. How fast in MPH can Sonic run?

Pretty Darn Fast. (:3 Seriously, I believe he's limited to sub-sonic
speeds (no relation) without a Power Ring. The episode you mention
seems to contradict this, but there's evidence for the position in the

Wierd thought: does anybody else think of Wally West when they read or
hear Sonic described as "the fastest thing alive"? (:3

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