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On Fri, 24 Feb 1995, Dan Drazen wrote:

[Neat Sonic ASCII art snipped.]

Somebody make some Tails ASCII to go with this! (:3 (Who me? I have
trouble enough making a straight line... ~~-__ See? (:3)

> |====================== THE SONIC FAQ FILE =====================|


> Q1: How did Tails come to have two tails?
> A: The writers of Sonic comics solicited reader responses to this
> in issue #___; the replies were printed in issue #___. They

I don't know these numbers, but somebody on the list does (I know,
because I saw them at one point); someone tell him what they are?

> **At one point, Sally's age is explicitly given as being 16,
> though the comics reportedly put both at age 15.

I mentioned this before: has Tails' age been given as 10 in the comic
(not in the letters page, but in the actual body)? If not, then the
comic can be assumed to occur one year before the cartoon, and Tails can
be assumed to be 9 there.

> **Q8: Does anyone have a theory about Sonic's speed?
> A: How, in other words, is Sonic able to run so fast? Apparently
> the same way you get to Carnegie Hall in the old joke: practice.

There was another explanation in a "Disney Adventures" magazine, though it
is decidely non-canon: Sonic was being tested by Dr. Kintobor (as in
Robotnik backwards), and during a speed test he blew through the sound
barrier and changed from a normal hedgehog to the spiky blue fiend he is
today. Myself, I favor the radiation exposure theory; the first time he
got his hands on a Power Ring, he... changed... (:3

(He was not bitten by a radioactive roadrunner. Uh-uh.)

> Blast to the Past (two parts)
> Dulcy takes Sonic and Sally to a floating island where they use
> the Time Stones to return to Mobotropolis on the eve of the
> planet's conquest by Dr. Robotnik (then known as Julian,
> affiliated with the War Ministry and supposedly in charge of its
> dismantling).

Would someone be willing to write a more detailed synopsis of this plot
and send it to me? I'm always interested in time-travel stories... (:3

> "Sally's Crusade: The Quest"
> The orb is revealed to be a casing surrounding Nicole.

This would support my theory that the comic continuity predates that of
the cartoon (see above).

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