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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 95 10:44:59 CST

Fred M. Sloniker, stressed undergrad writes:

> robotisized, and he is what currently passes for law on Mobius, it's not
> really a factor (except for Tails, who hasn't even hit puberty yet).

Apparently the guy who drew cc-tails.gif thought he hit puberty (eeeewww)

> Still, I don't think Sonic and Sally are, ahem, doing it off-camera;
> Sonic's metabolism is too hyper to accept a partner nowhere near his
> speed, while Sally's probably saving herself for when she can be a
> princess again and has to find a prince. As for the rest of the Freedom
> Fighters, lack of suitable partners, either biologically (Dulcey) or
> emotionally (let's face it, *no* one wants to sleep with Antoine) pretty
> much rules out any further contributions to the Freedom Fighter forces.

You still got all those extra guys you see cameos of on occasion. And
whats wrong with Rotor and Bunnie :) [lots of silly comments involving
Rotor having more to tinker with than Bunnie's robotic parts deleted]

> > Sonic & Sally and 15-16 (depending on whether you follow the Archie
> > Comic or "Drood Henge" chronology) and Tails is a tender 10 years old.
> Has Tails' age been stated as 10 in the comic? If not, we can assume
> (until they say otherwise) that the comic is simply set a year earlier
> than the show... wasn't Nicole just recently introduced in the comic?
> That would support this hypothesis.

They said he was 5 in a recent comic (Issue #23) and I know I read he was
'4' from someplace else. Personally, I think the TV show making him 10
is the most reasonable number.

Yup. Nicole (I think) was presented in the 'In Your Face' special.
However unless Tails somehow aged 4 years when everyone else aged only 1 I
see no real way for the comic and tv show to both be correct no matter what
the time you set either in. (Okay.. You've got the possibility of
relativistic time dialation if Sonic was running with Sally fast enough :)
[ I'm really suprised Sally doesn't have dislocated shoulders the way Sonic
just yanks her about by her arm like that ]

This brings up another question I had.. How fast in MPH can Sonic run?
The comic's 'Sonic-Grams' avoids this by never giving a straight answer :)
My best guess is "at least 1000mph.. probably not a whole lot more.. not
including 'Power Ring' boosts". Where do I come up with this? During the
episode 'Sonic Racer' Robotnik tested a new bot at 500mph going 'half-speed'.
It would have to be a decent challenge for Sonic if Robotnik were to be
satisfied with its performance. Therefore 1000mph sounds we're getting close
to Sonic's top speed. I mentioned this before but I don't think I mentioned
it to the group at large. [ Metric fans.. 1000mph is about 1600km/h ]

> ---Fred M. Sloniker, stressed undergrad
> :
> Jr ner rkcrevrapvat grpuavpny qvssvphygvrf. Cyrnfr fgnaq ol.

Too bad I never learned how to read rot13 in my head like I had wanted to do
at one time. :)

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