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On Fri, 24 Feb 1995, richard ray ii roberts wrote:

> Well! If people are going to bring this up, I might as well put in
> my two cents. Personally, I'm undecided about what Sonic and Sally may
> be doing behind closed doors, but while I suspect he's really lousy in
> bed I don't see any reason why their relationship may NOT go farther
> than kisses. They're pretty casual about touching each other, ya know.

Well, they certainly insult each other often enough to be a typical TV
couple. (:3 There's definitely some (unconsummated) romance here;
witness Sonic's demonstration of kissing in "Hooked On Sonics", or his
jealousy of Gryph in-- what was it called, "Sub Sonic"? The underground
episode, at any rate...

> Tails - at eleven? He probably still believes in cooties.

Witness his reaction to the aforementioned kiss in "HOS". (:3 The
fanfic I'm (slowly) working on, though (not the Tails one, the other one)
offers a theory as to who he might develop a relationship with when he's
old enough to want one...

> kind of wish the story in the In Your Face Special could fit into
> cartoon continuity, but it can't.

Which story is this?

> I'm relatively confident Bunnie's not dating anybody, for two
> reasons. One, if it were any of the guys in the village, she wouldn't
> be quiet about it.

Agreed. She's a bit of a flirt. (Anyone who pinches Antoine's cheek has
*got* to be a bit of a flirt.) (:3

> For the other, I kind of suspect she and Uncle Chuck are destined for
> the altar. That may sound bizarre, but think it over - it makes way too
> much sense.

Cool. I like this idea. (:3

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