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     Well! If people are going to bring this up, I
might as well put in my two cents. Personally, I'm
undecided about what Sonic and Sally may be doing
behind closed doors, but while I suspect he's really
lousy in bed I don't see any reason why their
relationship may NOT go farther than kisses. They're
pretty casual about touching each other, ya know.
     As for Dulcy - HOW many dragons have we seen? All
of four? Anybody too hideously surprised they were all
one sex? Especially since three were protectors, which
seem to be female. Who knows, though - they might be
parthenogenic. Never mind the typical habits of
parthenogenetic creatures, though...
     Tails - at eleven? He probably still believes in
cooties. Really, I kind of wish the story in the In
Your Face Special could fit into cartoon continuity,
but it can't.
     I'm relatively confident Bunnie's not dating
anybody, for two reasons. One, if it were any of the
guys in the village, she wouldn't be quiet about it.
For the other, I kind of suspect she and Uncle Chuck
are destined for the altar. That may sound bizarre,
but think it over - it makes way too much sense.
     Antoine couldn't get a date if his life depended
on it. Rotor - I kinda suspect he's married to his
work. He strikes me as an obsessed puppy, although he
might be nursing a crush on Sally or Bunnie in private.

                                Snickering Evilly,

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