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> Tails - at eleven? He probably still believes in
> cooties. Really, I kind of wish the story in the In
> Your Face Special could fit into cartoon continuity,
> but it can't.

A scene from the first season eppisode Hooked on Sonics comes to mind:
The village is having a celebration after Sonic has a minor victory over
Robotnik. In the course of the celebration, Princess Sally plants a kiss
on Sonic's cheek. Sonic, the cheerful comedian that he is, fakes a
fainting spell. When Sally becomes concerned, Sonic gets up and says
"Just kidding, kiss wasn't that great Sal." Sally indignatly replys "Oh,
really? I suppose you could do better?" Sonic's respons to that is to
give the Princess a very deep kiss, bending her backwards in his arms.
Right around that time, Tails starts covering his eyes and saying yuck.
After the kiss, Sonic asks Sally's opinion, to which she replies "It
was....Ok" although you can tell in her voice that she thought it was
more than that. Sonic then says "Now Sal, I know it was a major kiss,
right Big Guy?" Poor little Tails answers back "unh-uh. Yeuch."
(the reason that this scene stands out in my memory so well, other than
the ovbious *drooling Sally fanboy grin* is that I realized that the
target audience of the show was probably having the exact same reaction
as Tails)
To sum up, yeah, The Happy Fun Fox probably still believes in cooties.

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"You're wrong. I'm right. As usual." -- Princess Sally

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