Re: Sonic and Tails Pic

From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 24 Feb 1995 18:51:00 +0100


I just got the Tails picture (cc-tails.gif) from I don't like
it eighter. Some people must really be _sick_ to draw such things!

But another question: what the heck is wrong with the server?
I tried to get the picture via FTP for several times, but everything I got
was timeout errors and undecipherable directories. Finally I requested it
via e-mail and it worked. Here is the mailserver message:

    ---> RETR /pub/users/rat/sonic/images/perv/really_sick/cc-tails.gif
    150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for
    /pub/users/rat/sonic/images/perv/really_sick/cc-tails.gif (92667 bytes).
    Got 92667 bytes (78 bytes/sec)
    226 Transfer complete.

That would mean it took almost 20 minutes to get this short file. Is this
server running on a 1200 baud modem or what?

Did anyone else have problems receiving this file or did I just log in at
the wrong time of day? And where is the picture with Sonic _and_ Tails
doing something 'interesting' together?

Best wishes

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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