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> I've already found someone who is willing to send me all episodes. But
> until I get them I'm highly interested to hear more details about the
> cartoon (anyone willing to write a detailled summarize?).

Assuming you mean information on specific episodes, rather than the cartoon
as a whole, I can do that. (I sprung for the $1.50 for rental. (:3) Here
are a few episodes to get the ball rolling; hopefully, list-readers will
pipe up with more...

written by Len Janson

Sonic, Princess Sally, and Bunnie Rabbot are on a mission to disable one
of Robotnik's generator plants; Sonic distracts the Swatbots guarding the
plant, Sally shuts down the alarm systems, and Bunnie strongarms the
physical shields protecting the main computer controls. After a little
button-pushing by Sally, the whole plant smokes quite nicely; Sonic
provides a warp-speed lift out of the area as Robotnik fumes.

Sonic and Bunnie celebrate their success, but their celebration is
premature, as Sally points out; a backup generator kicks into operation.
The Freedom Fighters return to Knothole to plan the assault on the backup
generator. Meanwhile, Snively suggests the old Robin Hood ploy to get
Sonic: a speed contest with a trophy to the winner.

Sonic learns of the contest the next day and, predictably, expounds on how
easily he'll blow away the competition. Sally points out that it's
probably just a trap, but Sonic notes that while Robotnik's chasing him,
the backup generator will be underdefended. Snively and Robotnik,
meanwhile, are testing their secret weapon: a panther-like robot capable
of Sonic-level speeds. That night, Bunnie reads a bedtime story to Tails;
Sally worries about Sonic's safety despite Tails and Bunnie's attempts to
reassure her.

The next day (though it's always night in Robotropolis), the race is about
to get underway; as Robotnik waits for Sonic to show, Bunnie, Sally, and
Antoine sneak into the curiously deserted city. Sonic makes his entrance
in a "Little Red Rodent Hood" disguise, expresses his disgust at the
caliber of his competition (a few hovers), and is in turn impressed as the
pantherbot makes its entrance at speed.

The race begins, and Sonic and the bot are neck and neck (the hovers, as
expected, are no contest); the bot suddenly goes to full speed, and Sonic
loses his disguise as he hits his own 'afterburners'. Robotnik releases
the first of a series of boobytraps on the course (laserbeams across the
track), but Sonic dodges them with a quick leap. Nicole locates the
backup generator for Sally's group, but the question remains: how to get
past the guards that are still there?

Sonic continues to deal with attempts on his life on the track while Sally
figures out how to get into the plant: climb up onto the roof and enter
through the skylight. Unfortunately, while trying to get to the controls
of the plant, Antoine clutzes up, starting some machinery in action which
draws him along a conveyor towards crushing gears. Bunnie is unable to
stop the works, so Sally sets off a flare, drawing Sonic off the race to
rescue the group. Sonic jams the works with a Power Ring, which starts a
power reaction ultimately leading to the vaporization of the backup
generator; Sonic and the gang, of course, are long gone.

Around the campfire back at Knothole, Sally and Sonic toast the lastest
victory for the Freedom Fighters.

written by Len Janson

Sonic, Antoine, and Cat (a one-shot character) break into one of
Robotnik's facilities, where they meet with Sally (who snuck in disguised
as one of the security robots). Antoine and Cat stand guard as Sonic and
Sally work on disabling the Stealthbots awaiting launch there. Sonic gets
increasingly edgy as security gets too close for comfort, but Sally's
received a puzzling message from the computer she's hacking: "Bean", an
endearment her father used. As she tracks the transmission to the Dark
Swamp, Antoine klutzes up again and is discovered by the patrol bots,
forcing a rapid withdrawl; Sonic runs interference while Sally bails out.
Cat is separated from the group during the escape and is captured.

Sonic finds out about Cat's capture and heads back to find him; Sally
takes Antoine to the Swamp to track down the message. Robotnik attempts
to interrogate Cat, but gets no information; he sends the feline to a
holding cell, where he is found by Sonic. Sonic finds out from Cat that
Robotnik knows where Sally's going and is forced to abandon his rescue
attempt by concentrated weapons fire; he heads off to the swamp to save

Sally and Antoine, meanwhile, have discovered that the only structure in
the swamp is Ironlock Prison, which has been abandoned for 100 years. They
decide to check it out while Sonic and a Stealthbot both persue; Sonic
spots and destroys the Stealthbot as Sally and Antoine enter the prison.
Sally finds a section of her father's royal cloak, then an ancient
computer, and Sonic finds them. The computer contains a partial message,
proving Sally's father is alive (or at least was until recently), and a
map of tunnel complexes providing access to the entirety of Robotropolis.
Unfortunately, the computer is also boobytrapped, and Sonic accidentally
sets off the trap, dumping them all into an underground passage.

A giant monster approaches, but Sonic powers through it with a Power Ring,
revealing it to be a robotic creation. Sally uses the maps to lead the
group back to the Stealthbot hangar, where they finish the mission they
set out to perform. Their task complete, Sonic sets off to rescue Cat,
but the cell is empty. The group makes their escape and watches the light
show as the Stealthbots, sent to pursue them, self-destruct.

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