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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 01:50:47 -0500 (EST)

> My problem with IRC has been friendliness, or lack thereof. When I saw
> the message that started this thread, I headed off to IRC, only to find
> three Sonic groups: #sonic, #sonik, and #~SONiC~ if I recall. (There was
> also a #sonicyouth group.) The people in Sonic were saying things so
> bizarre that for all I know I'd stumbled upon a secret society meeting,
> and when they figured out I didn't 'belong' they wouldn't talk to me.
> The second group completely shut up when I entered it, so must have been
> something semi-private.
Sheesh, that sounds (not) fun. Also, keep in mind that for us college-
types, many schools have banned the use of IRC on their systems, due to
the massive amounts of telnet time it requires.
> I think the mailing list is a better system anyway. We have time to
> compose our messages, but the list runs quickly enough that a dialogue
> can take place. If you want to virutally meet, though, there's always
> FurToonia (a MUCK); there's a small area there dedicated to Sonic, and
> one of the people on our list actually plays him there. (:3
I can't speak for anybody else, but I have yet to try any of these places.
A friend of mine once tried to get me to explore "The Foothills," but by then
the runners of the place required a snail-mail form to join, and I was
too lazy. How 'bout posting some info for us interested, such as the
telnet address and anything else we need to know to join.


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