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On 18 Feb 95, Craig / Tails wrote:

> You know, What I want to know is how much US money that the comic books are.
> And can anyone make a list of all the out-of-usa comics there are? (Sorry, I
> don't remember what county they are from.) I am always looking for ones that
> star, or has a lot of action from Tails. Please someong help with theis two
> small questions.
> Craig / Tails

Well, the U.K. Sonic comic has solo stories with Tails as the hero, but
mostly done by someone with inferior drawing talents (compared to the
usual quality of the artwork).

I've also heared strange things about American banks, like they will not
exchange currency as a normal course of business and they charge about
35 % of the value as a processing fee. Please note that you have to pay
them in _their_ currency if you want to order.


_List of Sonic comics:_

Sonic the Hedgehog
$ 1.50

Princess Sally mini-series
$ 1.50

United KIngdom:
Sonic The Comic
1.10 pounds sterling

Sonic videogame & fumetti
L. 3500

Sonic der comic
DM 3.80

Sonic Mag - B.D. & jeux video!
F 20

Sonic magazine
FI. 5.95

The comics from Italy, Germany, France and Holland are adaptions of the
U.K. version with the text translated.


_To get a subscription for the American Sonic Comic write to:_

Sonic Subscription Offer
325 Fayette Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

12 issue subscription price (issue frequency 1 month):

USA $ 15.00
Canada $ 18.00

available in US & Canada only (sigh)

_To order back issues of the American Comic write to:_

Sonic Back Issue Offer
325 Fayette Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Sonic the Hedgehog mini-series No. 0, 2 $ 2.50 ($ 3.00 Can)
Sonic the Hedgehog regular series No. 1 - 7 $ 2.50 ($ 3.00 Can)
Sonic In Your Face special No. 1 $ 3.00 ($ 3.50 Can)
Princess Sally mini-series subscription $ 4.50 ($ 5.50 Can)

available in US & Canada only (double-sigh)

_To get a subscription for the English comic write to:_

Subs Dept.
Aim Ltd.
PO Box 10
Pallion Industrial Estate
Sunderland, SR4 6SN

26 issue subscription price (issue frequency 2 weeks):

UK: 28.60 pounds sterling
Europe: 45.00 pounds sterling
Overseas (surface): 47.00 pounds sterling
Overseas (airmail): 55.00 pounds sterling

_To order back issues of the English comic write to:_

Aim Ltd.
PO Box 10
Sunderland, SR4 6SN

The price is 1.10 pounds sterling for each issue, including postage & packing.
Minimum order is 4.40. Checks must be payable to _Fleetway Editions Ltd._ and
must be in pounds sterling.

To order by phone with a credit card you have to dial 01144-91-5102290
(hope this is the correct number to do it from the U.S.)


Now that's really _all_ the info I have. Can we get back to the SatAM
cartoon now? ,-)

Best wishes

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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