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From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 01:06:03 +1100

Jeffrey Pegnato <>:
> In the 1st season episode "Sonic Boom", Sally finds a message
> from her father, traces it's origin to Ironlocke Prison, and sets
> out on a quest to find it. Upon arrival, Sally asks Nichole for
> data on Ironlocke...
> Response: "built in 1543; abandoned 100 years ago..."
> The 2nd season ep. "Blast to the past" set the current date at
> 3235, therefore, (with some quick math) Ironlocke Prison was in
> use for 1,592 years!!! This seems highly unrealistic, so I'm
> left with a feeling that there may be contradictions just between
> the 1st & 2nd season!!

A few Arabic `Universities' have that sort of regular usage.

Hmm, I must put in something more so I don't get a reputation for
one-liners... Australia's having a comics+entertainment expo/
convention in about a week's time-- I can't say how much of a
presence Sega/Archie/et al. have planned, but I have other reasons
for attenting (bludge off your friends time!). I suppose I'm
obliged to write up a Con report, eh? :)


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