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From: Michael Kraft <>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 95 17:04:56 EST

I saw this in and alt.config and tend to agree with it as
getting over 400 messages in 3 days is a little excessive for a mailing-list.
If you want this list to be created post your replies to the newsgroup
alt.config (replying here won't accomplish anything).

Michael Kraft (
Computer Engineering Student
Rutgers University, NJ, USA



Back in December, I made a suggestion in about having an
"" newsgroup created. Someone else took the suggestion and
proposed it to alt.config, where I responded, cleaning up the proposal to
something more presentable there. During the course of the discussion, it
had been decided that the name of the proposed newsgroup needed to be
changed, so it wouldn't limit itself to just the TV version of Sonic,
which may have a short life as such. The final name chosen was
"". In general, it had a favourable reception.
However, certain incidents at the time that I could've re-proposed under
the new, more favourable, name that would've resulted in an
illegitimately-created newsgroup (read: "bogus"), thus the
generally-accepted proposal died and the newsgroup was never created.

Until now.

In the meantime, a mailing list had been created, which has,
unfortunately, proved to be way too popular, and is too high traffic for
a significant number of potential readers (such as myself, Ron Bauerle, &
others) to handle.

I am RE-proposing the newsgroup "", which will
cover as many aspects of Sonic the Hedgehog as possible, from the
videogames, to the two TV cartoon series, to comic books, to
merchandising, etc. This will either suppliment or replace the existing
mailing list, depending on how the readers of the mailing list choose to
handle the matter.

I would appreciate it if this is passed to the mailing list. Thanks.

Discussions are directed to alt.config.



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