Re: Forwarded from and alt.config

From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 06:28:25 +1100

>> What???? This list? Is there another mailing list?

> I believe he is talking about this list, and not that he is
> managing this list, but that the trafic was too high for his mail
> server to handle.

We're just in the initial brain-dump phase of a mailing list,, In a
few weeks we'll certainly be in the small list category... :)

I think a newsgroup would be a bad idea-- with even long-established
alt groups (ie:!) falling out of the feed here in
Australia and elsewhere because of the problems the hierarchy is for
news admins, how do you expect a new group to propagate outside a
minority of systems like Netcom? Mailing lists are readily available
everywhere and have near-instant propagation. And what if alt.*
effectively disappears as a consequence of S.314??


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