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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 07:43:31 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 19 Feb 1995, Michael Kraft wrote:

> I saw this in and alt.config and tend to agree with it as
> getting over 400 messages in 3 days is a little excessive for a mailing-list.

That would be 133 messages a day. That would overwhelm me, too, which
would be mondo uncool. Some mailing lists really do have that level of
activity, but I've counted about 260 messages since opening day on 4 Feb 95.

If you have other list subscriptions, I could understand your receipt of
133 messages a day.

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> From
> In the meantime, a mailing list had been created, which has,
> unfortunately, proved to be way too popular, and is too high traffic for
> a significant number of potential readers (such as myself, Ron Bauerle, &
> others) to handle.

What do you expect from a list that's way past cool? :-) I sent mail to
quozl to tell him the list was about to open. I wondered why he hadn't
subscribed, but decided not to press the issue. Of course, we do need
all the (Earth-bound) Freedom Fighters we can get so that someday we can
go to Mobius and help rid them of the scourge of Robuttnik.

> I am RE-proposing the newsgroup "", which will
> cover as many aspects of Sonic the Hedgehog as possible, from the
> videogames, to the two TV cartoon series, to comic books, to
> merchandising, etc. This will either suppliment or replace the existing
> mailing list, depending on how the readers of the mailing list choose to
> handle the matter.

This list is not for the games, so the proposed group would be
different. But would it offer something that the Sega newsgroups cannot?
I'd be willing to post my merchandise list there (if possible), and maybe
someone can improve on it.

Does everyone here have access to alt.* groups? Or does anyone's site
carry only "selected" alt.* groups?

USIT carries nearly all alt.* groups, but I've not been able to post to
any newsgroup (except usit.*) for three weeks. I used to be a frequent
poster to alt.binaries.sounds.cartoons, but no longer for that reason.
If Delphi had a.b.s.c, I could post from there. So unless Delphi picks
up the a.f.s-h group (if created), I won't be able to post anything.
(Actually, I do have my Nyx account, but that's too slow for me to use
more than about once every 2-3 weeks.)

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

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