episode summarize (was Re: Quick question:)

From: Alessandro Sanasi <sanasi_at_deco.franken.de>
Date: 19 Feb 1995 15:11:00 +0100

On 18 Feb 95, Fred Sloniker wrote:

> > I've already found someone who is willing to send me all episodes. But
> > until I get them I'm highly interested to hear more details about the
> > cartoon (anyone willing to write a detailled summarize?).

> Assuming you mean information on specific episodes, rather than the cartoon
> as a whole, I can do that. (I sprung for the $1.50 for rental. (:3) Here
> are a few episodes to get the ball rolling; hopefully, list-readers will
> pipe up with more...
> written by Len Janson

[_very_ detailled episode summarize deleted]

> written by Len Janson

[another _very_ detailled episode summarize deleted]

_WOW_!! Dan Drazen should put this in his FAQ! Although I haven't seen
these episodes I can make out now what they were all about. Thanks a lot.
Can anyone else provide me with information?

Best wishes

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