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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 17:05:48 +0500

With all the different problems over the differences between Sonic comics,
and shows, something very disheartening caught my ear today...

In the 1st season episode "Sonic Boom", Sally finds a message from her father,
traces it's origin to Ironlocke Prison, and sets out on a quest to find it.
Upon arrival,
Sally asks Nichole for data on Ironlocke...

"built in 1543; abandoned 100 years ago..."

The 2nd season ep. "Blast to the past" set the current date at 3235, therefore,
(with some quick math) Ironlocke Prison was in use for 1,592 years!!!
This seems highly unrealistic, so I'm left with a feeling that there may be
contradictions just between the 1st & 2nd season!!

Where's the authority here!?! Everything is screwed up !!!
(oh well)

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Jeffrey Pegnato

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