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Okay, King Aconr is a fox, and Sally is a ground squirrel.

How is it that they're father and daughter? Presenting . . .


NOTICE: The following idea is NOT obsenely biological in any way, at
         least not in my opinion.

        On the many anthropomorphic worlds that, no doubt, exist in this
universe, it is very likely that cross-breeding has become one of the
many ways of life. Yet, when we turn on an anthropomorphic cartoon, we
often see creatures who, although they present themselves as being
related, they are entirely different species, and we ask ourselves, "How
is that possible.
        Well, I've always said this is a universe of possiblities, so
here is one possible explanation. For an example, two creatures on an
anthropomorphic world, say a wolf and a rabbit, meet, fall in love and
get married. What, exactly, says what species the children will be.
Here is my theory.
        Everyone knows that, in a developing egg, there is one chromosome
that tells the egg whether it will be male or female. It never says that
the egg will be part one or part the other, it makes a definite choice.
        On an anthropomorphic world, I have reasoned that there is also a
chromosome that tells the egg which species of the two parents it will be.
It doesn't say that the child will be part part one and part the other, it
says the child will be one OR the other, exactly like the chromosome that
determines the sex.
        Now, of course, our reproductive systems aren't that advanced.
However, I think its reasonable to assume that, if given a chance, every
race of creatures would evolve to that point of universal compatablity

        So, thats how Sally and here father are related. I'd be willing
to bet even money that Sally's mother was also a ground squirrel as well.

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