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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 17:42:53 +0500

It's time for another <CLANG> USELESS POST...
  (oops. wrong cartoon)

> Can anybody think of any exceptions to the following "rule" for
> crossbreeding?
> The daughters will be like their mothers and the sons like their fathers.
> Evidence:
> _In Your Face_#1
> Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy's children in A Muppet Christmas Carol
> Lady and the Tramp's puppies
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I've seen my fair share of cartoons.(and your share and
his share and ...) I know all about toon X-breeding (father species = son's
ANTHROPOMORPHIC WORLDS" was a great explanation (not to be repeated here ;). sum it all up, who was Sally's mother and what was her species? right?

Now where did I put my list of writer/producer phone #'s... ;)
I'll straighten all this out...a little chat with Ben Hurst (and a small
bribe) should
be all that this issue needs... ;))

(Wow! I actually DID manage to write another <CLANG> USELESS POST)

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