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> Okay, King Aconr is a fox, and Sally is a ground squirrel.
> How is it that they're father and daughter? Presenting . . .
> PART 1

[way over my head biology deleted]

> So, thats how Sally and here father are related. I'd be willing
> to bet even money that Sally's mother was also a ground squirrel as well.

Whatever, Dave. I just took the cheap way out and looked at the
"flashforward" ending of "Sally's Quest" from _In Your Face_#1:

Obligatory Spoiler Spacing:

As depicted by Art Mawhinney, Sonic and Sally's offspring are miniatures
of themselves. Whether or not gender and species are linked genetically
is speculative and, in this case, irrelevant. It *can* be done, and
that's what matters to the plot as well as to this interminable
discussion ;-) .

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