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> > The Metal Sonic from the 'Sonic CD' game had an appearance in the Sonic
> > comic from Fleetway Publications, issue #21 - #23, 'The Sonic Terminator'
> > (last three parts of a six-part story).

> What were the first three parts, pray tell? (Curious look-- this British
> comic sounds 'way cooler' than its American counterpart...)

First of all, I made a small error in this last post. The Metal Sonic
appeared in issue #26 - #28 and the complete story has only five parts.

The first two parts tell how Captain Plunder and the Mystic Cave Pirates
try to steal the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

> Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it. [We want information...]

Well, in general the comic has a lot of everything, even solo stories with
Tails or Knuckles as the leading character or stories about Ecco The
Dolphin, Shinobi, Eternal Champions, Wonderboy etc.

> > (Too bad you haven't seen the 'Enter Knuckles' story from Fleetway.
> > Definitely _way_ better than the Archie comics version 'This Island
> > Hedgehog'.)
> Well, don't just stand there; summarize it! (:3

Oh my... I'll try my best:

The 'Enter Knuckles' story is in issue #33 - #34 with leads into
the 'Power Of The Chaos Emeralds' story in issue #35 - #36.


Issue #33:
Dr. Robotnik has crash-landed with his space satellite Death Egg II on the
Floating Island. Sonic & Tails fly to the island to search for him and
finish him once and for all. After destroying some traps and battling some
Badniks they meet Robotnik, who has already convinced Knuckles that Sonic
is the bad guy who wants to steal the Floating Island Chaos Emeralds.

Issue #34:
Sonic & Knuckles have an excessive fight using everything they can offer
(Sonic running in circles around Knuckles, Knuckles digging underground
etc.). The fight ends to be a tie, but Tails is able to capture Robotnik
by throwing a net over him. Sonic & Tails escape with the captured

Issue #35:
Back at Sonics secret base, Porker Lewis tries to interrogate Robotnik.
Suddenly Knuckles breaks into the cell to free the doctor. In this moment
of confusion Robotnik takes Porker Lewis hostage and demands the Chaos
Emeralds from Sonic. Sonic & Tails try to retrieve the stolen Chaos
Emeralds from Robotnik and force him to crash land on the Floating Island.

Issue #36:
Again Sonic & Knuckles have a fight. Sonic pretends to be beaten but
follows Knuckles and Robotnik secretly. Robotnik re-integrates the six
Chaos Emeralds with the six on the Floating Island (that were once split
into twelve). Sonic arrives just in time to see Robotnik absorbing the
chaos energy to become invincible. Knuckles realizes that Robotnik lied to
him and uses the Master Emerald which he kept hidden to regain control
over the other emeralds. Robotnik is sent back to Mobius after his new
powers have been removed. Sonic & Tails leave, Knuckles stays on the
Floating Island to guard the emeralds.


Why don't you order some issues yourself? They are definitely worth the
money! Stories in a comic book should be read, not summarized. ,-)

> ---Fred M. Sloniker, stressed undergrad
> L. Lazuli R'kamos, FurryMUCKer

Best wishes

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