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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 16 Feb 1995 19:37:00 +0100

> > I saw something interesting in the FAQ file that was recently posted by
> > Dan Drazen:

> It's nice to be noticed =) .

You absolutely deserve it. Your FAQ is great!!

> > Now I would like to find out if I'm right about the very low quality of
> > the current artwork or if I'm just a stupid German. Whoever is reading
> > this, could you please tell me what _you_ think of the works of Dave
> > Manak, Art Mawhinney and all the other morons?
> >
> > Just my opinion - don't send flames
> >
> > Alessandro

> "De gustibus non est disputandum,*" Al. [*That's Latin.]

I had Latin at school too... in your language it would mean something like
'There is no accounting for tastes', right?

> Still, let me throw in my own 2 pfennigs:

I'll accept foreign currency, too. ,-)

> While Shaw! has a good style, it seems to me to be rather "light" and
> that it works mainly in comedic situations. Of course it's light years
> beyond Manak.
> Still, getting back to #18, I have a hard time picturing Shaw! drawing
> "In The Still Of The Night," especially the scenes toward the end where
> Sally's old mentor, Julayla, is on her deathbed. IMHO, Art Mawhinney
> has the right touch for the more "serious" episodes. It's not hard to
> figure out why, as he's credited as being a storyboard artist for the
> animated series...both of them, in fact. Have to roll tape to see if
> the same can be said for Shaw!

Well, its not especially that the drawings are bad, its because IMHO some
characters differ a lot from what they look like in the sathurday morning
cartoon. Scott Shaw! had a very detailled way of doing his drawings, and
he also knew perfectly how to use different perspectives to give the
reader the feeling to be 'part of the story'.

Darn... I should've known I would be unable to explain all this in
English... I really should go out and buy a dictionary.

> Not a flame, just my own outlook.

It's ok... but how about doing a quick comparsion between the Archie comic
Sonic and the Sathurday morning TV Sonic? To draw the characters in a way
they look like in the cartoon, _that's_ what I think Art Mawhinney (and
the rest) is unable to do.

> Daniel J. Drazen
> Custodian of one of the Sonic the Hedgehog FAQ Files

Best wishes

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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