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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 21:36:48 -0500 (EST)

> I saw something interesting in the FAQ file that was recently posted by
> Dan Drazen:

It's nice to be noticed =) .

> >
> > #18 [Jan 1995]:
> > :
> > Sonicgram: includes statement that Sonic is 15, and a German
> > fan disses Dave Manak's artwork
> Believe it or not, this letter from Germany was mine (one of many others
> I wrote). However, Archie Comics stated that they think of Dave Manak as
> a very talented and inspirated penciller, and another reader said on the
> Sonic-Grams page in issue #21 that he thinks exactly the same as Archie
> Comics and likes the current style of drawing.
> Well, the only high-quality artwork _I_ ever saw in the Sonic comics was
> the one done by Scott Shaw! in the Sonic mini-series #0 - #2 and in the
> Sonic In Your Face Special #1 ('Tails Little Tale').
> Now I would like to find out if I'm right about the very low quality of
> the current artwork or if I'm just a stupid German. Whoever is reading
> this, could you please tell me what _you_ think of the works of Dave
> Manak, Art Mawhinney and all the other morons?
> Just my opinion - don't send flames
> Alessandro

"De gustibus non est disputandum,*" Al. [*That's Latin.] Still, let me
throw in my own 2 pfennigs:

I got into the Sonic comics late, starting with issue #18. As a result,
I only have Shaw!'s contribution to the In Your Face issue to go by.

While Shaw! has a good style, it seems to me to be rather "light" and
that it works mainly in comedic situations. Of course it's light years
beyond Manak.

Still, getting back to #18, I have a hard time picturing Shaw! drawing
"In The Still Of The Night," especially the scenes toward the end where
Sally's old mentor, Julayla, is on her deathbed. IMHO, Art Mawhinney
has the right touch for the more "serious" episodes. It's not hard to
figure out why, as he's credited as being a storyboard artist for the
animated series...both of them, in fact. Have to roll tape to see if
the same can be said for Shaw!

Not a flame, just my own outlook.

Daniel J. Drazen
Custodian of one of the Sonic the Hedgehog FAQ Files

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