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> So be it! I will descend with joyous abandon into
the depths of idiotic speculation. Specifically, I'll
say that if they do make a Sonic movie I would rather
it be made in the format of the Kimagure Orange Road
movie - the last, extra-long episode of the series.
Where they finally and for good squash Robotnik and
answer most of the questions on what they're going to
do afterwards. I have grown very attached to the world
that the Saturday Morning series has created, and the
characters that inhabit it, and eventually would like
to see a conclusion - as long as it were well done.

                                           --from richard ray ii roberts

I also would love to see a Sonic movie; what they have begun with
the Saturday morning show begs for more. The world it has created in Mobius
suggests a rich and ancient culture that would be well worth exploring. The
characters are easy to identify with and you can really care about them and
long to know more about them. Many questions come to mind; exactly how did
Robotnik come to power, what was the great war all about (did all the animals
live in peace and harmony OR did they have great growing pains and conflict
to achieve their happiness and coexistence?) And, of course, when Robotnik
(or whoever comes after him) is finally crushed, what brave new world will
our new royal family of Queen Sally and King Sonic build out of the ashes?
 Yes, all of this begs a movie, a trilogy, or even a series! You hear us,
Mr. Spielberg? :D

To a free Mobius!
Long Live Princess Sally!

CamCoon ^ ^
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Morgan Ingersoll

"From out of great evil, some great good must come..."
                                                 From Doctor Who
                                                 Genesis of the Daleks

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