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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 15:21:30 -0500

     So be it! I will descend with joyous abandon into
the depths of idiotic speculation. Specifically, I'll
say that if they do make a Sonic movie I would rather
it be made in the format of the Kimagure Orange Road
movie - the last, extra-long episode of the series.
Where they finally and for good squash Robotnik and
answer most of the questions on what they're going to
do afterwards. I have grown very attached to the world
that the Saturday Morning series has created, and the
characters that inhabit it, and eventually would like
to see a conclusion - as long as it were well done.
     As for who to do it, I personally would be in
favor of Spielberg. He has a habit of finding talented
people, and some of the names he has already in his
Amblimation are impressive. Although... the anime idea
is actually not very far fetched. Aren't Sally,
Bunnie, and the rest of the secondary characters
modeled off of a manga? I thought that was why the
colors took so long to get straight in the comics. I'd
be rather pleased to see a Sonic anime movie, if for no
other reason than curiosity over how they handled it,
and the hope of seeing the serious character issues
treated seriously and at length. It's interesting to
watch Bunnie and Dulcy give little hints about their
feelings in the background, but I'd like more.

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