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On 16 Feb 1995, Alessandro Sanasi wrote:

[A lot of interesting information cut.]

> Well, in general the comic has a lot of everything, even solo stories
> with Tails or Knuckles as the leading character or stories about Ecco
> The Dolphin, Shinobi, Eternal Champions, Wonderboy etc.

This sounds quite interesting (even if Eternal Champions is said to
'suck' and Wonderboy is ancient); I always thought there was a Zone
somewhere off the coast of Mobius where Ecco's pod hangs out... (:3 In
fact, Ecco was one of the two games (the other was Lunar) that got me to
buy a Sega. But I digress...

[summary of S3&K adaptation snipped-- now I really want to see this!]

> Why don't you order some issues yourself? They are definitely worth the
> money! Stories in a comic book should be read, not summarized. ,-)

I would if I could, but I can't so I won't. (:3

Seriously, though, I've *never* seen an issue of this (and trust me, if I
had I would have added it to my list of comics-to-buy); obviously this is
not an American product. Is there an address in the comic to which I can
write to find out about back issues or the like? Or does anyone
State-side know if my comic shop will special-order stuff from Britain
(the presumed easiest place to get them from-- do you buy yours in Germany?)

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