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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 17 Feb 1995 18:09:00 +0100

>> Well, in general the comic has a lot of everything, even solo stories
>> with Tails or Knuckles as the leading character or stories about Ecco
>> The Dolphin, Shinobi, Eternal Champions, Wonderboy etc.

>> Why don't you order some issues yourself? They are definitely worth the
>> money! Stories in a comic book should be read, not summarized. ,-)

> I would if I could, but I can't so I won't. (:3

"If you try, you can do anything." ,)

> Seriously, though, I've *never* seen an issue of this (and trust me, if I
> had I would have added it to my list of comics-to-buy);

I thought so. The comic isn't listed in _any_ foreign mail order catologues
I know of (and that's quite a lot). I found out about it because I wrote to
all major comic publishers in Germany asking if they are planning to publish
a Sonic comic in the near future. One told me about the Fleetway comic and
the German adaption they are selling.

I also wrote to all important TV networks (about eight or so) asking for
the Sonic cartoon, but without any success <sigh>...

> Is there an address in the comic to which I can
> write to find out about back issues or the like?

Of course there is. Try

        Aim Ltd.
        PO Box 10
        Sunderland, SR4 6SN
        United Kingdom

> Or does anyone
> State-side know if my comic shop will special-order stuff from Britain
> (the presumed easiest place to get them from-- do you buy yours in
> Germany?)

There is only little chance for this. I called all the shops for foreign
comics in Germany I know of (at least 30), but no one had this comic.
Finally I asked someone to buy an issue in a store in England so I could
find out the addresses (the ordering info is written in almost every

I read the German adaption as well because some issues of the English
original are already 'sold out'.

Now how about talking a little more about the Sathurday morning cartoon?
I have only little information about it. Maybe someone could post a
summarize about the episodes that is a little more detailled than the
one in the FAQ?

I'm also looking for a synopsis of the Sonic books by Teitelbaum/Adams. I
ordered them as soon as I saw them listed in the FAQ, but it will take at
least two months until I get them (if I get them at all).

Best wishes

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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