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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 17 Feb 1995 17:56:00 +0100

>> Seems to me that the Archie comic is more popular than the Fleetway
>> and the Saturday series is more popular than the weekday.

> On the latter point, no contest, but I'd suggest the Fleetway is less
> popular only because it is less well-known (I've never seen it,
> certainly).

You are right, the Sonic comic from Archie seems to be very popular in
America, but mainly because its the only one available. Besides, a running
cartoon series is the best support a comic can ever get.

However, I assume that things look a little different in Europe. The
Sathurday morning series isn't available on TV or video yet, most people
here don't even know that it exists. The fans have to read the comic if
they want to find out more about their favourite hero (this might also be
the reason why the Fleetway comic is based on the games instead of the

> I think it's a European product; can our German native
> confirm this, preferably with the publisher's address?

As far as I know, the Fleetway comic is originally made in England.
Translated adaptions are available in France, Italy and Germany.

I don't know how to get a subscription the official way. But if you want
to order back issues, you can write to the following address:

        Aim Ltd.
        PO Box 10
        Sunderland, SR4 6SN
        United Kingdom

To order by phone with a credit card you have to dial 01144-91-5102290
(hope this is the correct number to do it from the U.S.)

>> > What if a Japanese company did it--Sonic anime? That would be cool!!

>> Done. Now to pick one. (I'm not up-to-date on my Japanese animation
>> companies.)

> I've seen Tokyo Movie Shin(something or other)'s work on the best
> episodes of "Tiny Toon Adventures". There's also been some anime work of
> Sonic done, for the game "Sonic CD", but I don't have the manual handy so
> don't know who did that. Whoever's chosen in the end, though, should do
> better work than is even done in the Saturday episodes; when Sonic takes
> off, I want to feel like the camera's moving at a sizable fraction of the
> speed of sound. (:3

Have you seen the intro or ending part of the 'Sonic CD' game? Sonic looks
cool in it, but to my opinion a little bit too 'japanese'. It would be
better if _DIC_ would do the movie. They already did a great job on the
Sathurday morning series, why shouldn't they been able to make a good movie
as well? Or maybe a _co-production_ with a japanese company...

Um... by the way, why is everyone so sure that a movie is in the planning?
Shouldn't we first try to find out if it's really true? (Anyone happens
to know the e-mail address of Archie Comics?)

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