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     Well, let's start - Jeffrey Pegnato mentioned a
couple of things I'd like to put my commentary on. 1)
The destruction of everything Robotnik built - sorry,
guy, but they got the headquarters, and maybe a few
buildings around it, and they think they got Robo.
Probably squashed a lot of swatbots in the process.
Unfortunately, 'bots still roll off the assembly line,
as loyal roboticized workers continue to do their jobs.
Unless the freedom fighters move fast, they'll be
waiting for Snively when he gets back to town. If they
hadn't actually gotten Robo, at least temporarily, it
would be nothing more than a major annoyance to him.
2) Sally the vixen? Actually... anybody taken a good
look at her father? That's a fox tail - and nothing
like her little ground squirrel appendage.
     Bluth! I'll just leave it that I felt he brutally
mutilated the book's story, but everything else was
     Artwork! I have to say that Scott Shaw's is my
favorite from what I've seen of the comic, but really
as far as I know all I've seen him do is that Tails
story. On the other hand, Tails's expressions in that
are my favorite moments in the entire comic run, except
possibly for some of the stuff being set up in Princess
Sally. Shaw doesn't have the precision that makes
Sonic actually look GOOD on the cartoon, but his work
is very cute, and his expressions are... well,
     How to finish Robo - actually, I always figured
that when the freedom fighters figured they actually
had enough of a chance to pick up the pieces afterwards
to actually go after him, he'd be roboticized in the
fight - and then, since if anybody's got enough
willpower to keep going aftwards it's him, he'd be
smashed, although perhaps not to the point of
irreparability, at least to helplessness. It's how I'd
do it, and I am pleasantly surprised to find that they
frequently take the more artistic way for their

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