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> Besides, how in the world could they do it? "Howard the Duck" involved
> one animal character, and TMNT involved 5. This would be an entire planet!
> (or at least a city, depending on how in depth they want to show this
> place).

Live action movies have covered large geographic areas before.
Ultimately, it comes down to "how much do you want to spend?".
> Which raises a whole plethora of new questions:
> 1). How would the movie be set in with the TV show/comic book?
> Would you want a prequel (maybe telling the story of Robotnik's initial
> take-over and how all the characters came to be where they are), an alternate
> story (sorta like "TMNT" or "Batman" or just about any other super-hero
> movie), or perhaps a continuation of the cartoon (assuming the show doesn't
> get renewed)? The "prequel" is probably the least likely, since nowadays
> movies have to have a definite ending, and preferably a happy one.

I think DIC would be one of or the prodcution company/ies, and they would
probably not want to get too far off the existing cartoon. And I think
much of the audience would expect an extension of the TV cartoon.

It should begin with a brief exposition of Robotnik's coup to make sure
the audience all know the information they need (and create sympathy for
the "good guys"). Open with a high-action scene that will grab
everyone's attention and raise the tension high. When the audience can't
take any more, fade to black, pause a few frames, and fade in to the
present. Time: around five minutes. No credits over this scene! For
those credits that must be shown early, show some vista shots and play
some suspense-building music. Resume credits if necessary after fading
back to the present.

We really can't have Robotnik KIA or that would close the story once and
for all, unless someone else replaces him at/near the end. But I don't
think a cliffhanger would be appropriate for the movie. Don't make him
turn good either (no sugar-coated movie, please). I'm not sure what
would make a good ending, but it lies somewhere between those points.

Isn't it starting to look like the Sonic mailing list will be writing the
script? :-)

> 2). Who would do the voices?
> Should we keep Jaleel and the rest of the gang, or take this opportunity
> to expose some bigger names (Tim Curry notwithstanding) to the Sonic universe?
> Not that I'm trying to dismiss any of the Sat. morning stars. I still have
> yet to see any of 'em myself!

It should be mostly the same, so as not to shock and distract the
audience. Add a new character or two (but carefully, to preserve
believability and overall story integrity) with a bigger name. Due to the
length of the movie, a new character might help quite a bit.
> 3). Who would produce the movie?
> If Bluth were still making movies the way he used to, I'd want him in a
> heartbeat, but lately he seems burnt-out ("Thumbelina"?) Disney making
> it would be a double-edged sword; sure the animation would be top-notch,
> but the story might be a little too Hollywood. And I don't want these
> guys singing when there is a global war going on! :-) What if a Japanese
> company did it--Sonic anime? That would be cool!!

I could see Disney farming that out to Touchstone considering Buena Vista
distributes the video cassettes. But I'm not sure about how much
experience Touchstone has with animation, but I think they would handle
the writing better than Disney. DIC should have a more-than-mere-token role
> And, of course, we could get really nit-picky and discuss who we want
> for writer, music (orchestral, electronic, or pop?), music composer, etc.

For continuity, some music like that in the existing cartoons and the
games should be used, preferably with a budget to get bigger-name
songwriters and performers. Pop can make the movie dated quickly, so be
careful there. I think some well-written and performed electronic music
with some acoustic instruments would work nicely. Don't make the
electronic part draw attention to itself. Find some quality songwriters who
already know the story well and have them really show what they can do.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

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