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> > Gee, Is it just me or hace things quited down a bit? Don't be shy, Post your
> > questions or start a subjuct. Has anyone heard of the sonic movie? It was
> > mentioned in the cominc book. But here is a good question,
> > Will it be live action or cartoon? And who thinks it would be better as a live
> > action movie? I think it would be great. I...hope they do a better job on it
> > then was done to mario bros. Just my 2 cents. What do you think?
> >
> > Craig / Tails
> >
> If there's a God in Heaven, PLEASE!!!! don't let it be a live action
> film! Maybe it worked with TMNT, but that's about it. Anyone remember
> "Howard the Duck?" George Lucas directing, $40 million and STILL the
> thing was more turkey than duck! To quote another toon: "Spew and a
> half!"
Besides, how in the world could they do it? "Howard the Duck" involved
one animal character, and TMNT involved 5. This would be an entire planet!
(or at least a city, depending on how in depth they want to show this

I vote animation. I know it's too much to hope for when I say I want
story-telling along the lines of "Watership Down" (BTW, just bought the
book!), so here's hoping they'll at least treat it the way Bluth did "The
Secret of NIMH".

Which raises a whole plethora of new questions:

1). How would the movie be set in with the TV show/comic book?

Would you want a prequel (maybe telling the story of Robotnik's initial
take-over and how all the characters came to be where they are), an alternate
story (sorta like "TMNT" or "Batman" or just about any other super-hero
movie), or perhaps a continuation of the cartoon (assuming the show doesn't
get renewed)? The "prequel" is probably the least likely, since nowadays
movies have to have a definite ending, and preferably a happy one.

2). Who would do the voices?

Should we keep Jaleel and the rest of the gang, or take this opportunity
to expose some bigger names (Tim Curry notwithstanding) to the Sonic universe?
Not that I'm trying to dismiss any of the Sat. morning stars. I still have
yet to see any of 'em myself!

3). Who would produce the movie?

If Bluth were still making movies the way he used to, I'd want him in a
heartbeat, but lately he seems burnt-out ("Thumbelina"?) Disney making
it would be a double-edged sword; sure the animation would be top-notch,
but the story might be a little too Hollywood. And I don't want these
guys singing when there is a global war going on! :-) What if a Japanese
company did it--Sonic anime? That would be cool!!

And, of course, we could get really nit-picky and discuss who we want
for writer, music (orchestral, electronic, or pop?), music composer, etc.

okay, it's debate time!


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