Re: It's too quite.

From: Brad Clark <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 10:30:38 PST

>If there's a God in Heaven, PLEASE!!!! don't let it be a live action
>film! Maybe it worked with TMNT, but that's about it. Anyone remember
>"Howard the Duck?" George Lucas directing, $40 million and STILL the
>thing was more turkey than duck! To quote another toon: "Spew and a
>'Nuff said.
>Daniel J. Drazen

I agree, but if they do a movie out of sonic, I hope they have a good story
to do it with. Too many animated features have been coming out lately with
stories that are nothing but concepts. And hopefully they wouldn't base it
on the weekday show. Maybe something on the lines of; what happens now that
Robotnic is gone...or is he?

(Dan: have you got any of my messages? I haven't heard from you.)

Brad Clark

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