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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:54:55 -0500 (EST)

> I agree, but if they do a movie out of sonic, I hope they have a good story
> to do it with. Too many animated features have been coming out lately with
> stories that are nothing but concepts. And hopefully they wouldn't base it
> on the weekday show. Maybe something on the lines of; what happens now that
> Robotnic is gone...or is he?
> (Dan: have you got any of my messages? I haven't heard from you.)
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I suppose that answers your question. I told Craig that I hadn't heard
from you since early last week. At least we can stay in touch here!

Totally agree about stories. Bluth was seriously crippled in that
department with "All Dogs..." and "Rock-A-Doodle." His plotlines were
all over the highway. And that's probably the reason why the recent
Disney features have been so strong: Jeff Katzenberg was in the habit of
pushing the writers until a story went into "meltdown" and completely
fell apart; then they'd take the leftover core and rebuild around it.
Tad Stones has been keeping Disney Afternoon list subscribers up to date
on the process as it concerns the next Aladdin direct to video. And
over in r.a.a, Mark Evanier has said that time for writing is a luxury
that a lot of TV animation shows can't afford, since any extra time
spent writing is time taken away from the animators. That's the
business for ya.

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