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If you have no interest in Rats of NIMH, I apologize for continuing this
off-topic thread, and you should stop reading.

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995 gt6005a_at_prism.gatech.edu wrote:

> > Uh oh, that's like 4 messages in the thread off topic. We're going to get
> > complains any time soon. If this conversation keeps up, I'll have to
> > create another mailing list. ;-)
> Uh-oh, does this make five. Looks like I'm treading on thin ice here...:-#
> > Both the ones by Jane Leslie Conly did. They were definately children's
> > books.
> > But the first book by O'Brien was really awesome! It was different than the
> > movie in so many ways, it was a different story! Did anybody else get that
> > feeling?

> Oooh, YES!!! Which is precisely why, even tho' I've read and re-read it
> about a ba-zillion times, I finally went out and bought my own copy a few
> days ago.

I was thinking about buying it. I borrowed it from the library and read it
awhile ago.

> > Ok, here's some main differences that many people might not know.
> >
> > - Jenner was a good guy. Totally. He just didn't agree with Nicodemus's
> > idea to move to thorn valley, and took off. Didn't cause any trouble.
> > - Mr. Ages was polite.
> > - They described in more detail their experience at NIMH.
> > - They succeed in moving Mrs. Frisby's cinderblock home. Note the name
> > difference.

> Don't forget the big one---no magic in the book.

Oh man! I totally forgot about that one! You're right! And I don't
remember any "stone", but I do remember the "You can open any door if you
have the key" quote from Jonathan.

> This is one of the few book-to-movie conversions I've seen where the
> stories were radically changed, and yet both book AND movie are superb!

True! The ones by Conly might not be good enough for most people, but I liked
it. One of em' even has this neat picuture of a rat standing behind a
computer keyboard!

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