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Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 07:49:35 -0400 (EDT)

>From: macsonic_at_rad.net.id (Edo Andromedo)
>Speaking of cartoon, why we don't saw any Kat Kommando cartoons in >MegaKat?
Maybe only 2 seasons of Kat Kommando cartoons were made, then they were
cancelled because they were too violent ?? Naaah- Kats are smarter than that.

Seeing the comments on Megawar II, do you suppose Prof. Hackle is like
Werner von Braun? i.e. he was on the losing side, but was 'adopted' by the
military because of his abilities? There might be a lot of personality
parallels there... Oh! that might be a good Megawar II story- concentrating
on Hackle and the development of rockets and missiles. What do you think,

Has anybody noticed the ! NEW ! SK promos on CTN ? (at least I hadn't seen
them before) One ends with an exploding 'giant bacteria', and the word
KatFood is typed on the screen, one shows scenes from Ghost Pilot, and ends
with the scene where the biplace wings get sliced off, and Red Lynx looks
shocked- "Kitty Litter" gets typed over his face. There's another promo just
for the Saturday _at_ 2:00 pm showing. Maybe it's a good sign that they're
actually airing promos for Kats?

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