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Been busy the past couple of weeks or so (especially last week, when I was
out of town), so I haven't been able to really respond to the last few
digests. However, a couple of things were mentioned in the past digest
that I'd like to comment on:

Edo queries:
> BTW, is the Glovatrix use voice control or you have to press a button
> to use it?

I'd say the latter because every time the Glovatrix has been used it's
always been activated. Yet the heroes usually announce the weapons they're
using, maybe to coordinate an attack (so they use the same weapons,
perhaps?) <shrug> And of course, we, the viewing audience, get the
benefit of knowing what they're going to use to see if it's effective.

But I imagine it's not that difficult to rig up either the Turbokat or
Glovatrix for voice activation. Razor was able to remotely control the
Turbokat from his Glovatrix in "Mutation City."

On favorite Kat eps: like chance, I have a hard time picking out a single
favorite, but here are some of mine (mostly second-season): Mutation City
(bow to Doc Conway there); Razor's Edge (good character development);
Destructive Nature (I personally like the emphasis on Razor here ;-); The
Deadly Pyramid (one of the best-animated Kats episodes I've seen). The
others are just as good, but those that I've listed tend to stand out in my
mind a little more.

> Why is that Felina replaces Steel? [ on 1st-season vs 2nd-season ]

Because Felina doesn't appear in any first-season episodes and Steel(e)
doesn't appear in any second-season episodes. Of course, there are always
the extra Enforcers (one Enforcer in "Destructive Nature" was, I think,
voiced by Ed Gilbert, whom Tale Spin fans will recognize as Baloo in that
series). In fact, on FurToonia there was an inside joke going on for some
time about an "Ensign Extra" puppet/zombie who was your average, everyday
ensign, but always the one who would be blown up or injured in some way.
That puppet had been previously known as Commander Feral. <grin>

chance sez:
> Now, when they have Felina climing the bridge in "Bright and Shiny
> Future", does Feral say "My sister will never forgive me", or "my
> brother will never forgive me"?

His brother. The exact line is something like, "I oughta throw that niece
of mine off the force, but my brother would never speak to me again... and
besides, she's too good an Enforcer!" (Well, it may not be verbatim, but
it oughta be pretty close, at least.)

PJ writes:
> I may be able to obtain some Swat Cats cels from a local cel dealer
> here in LA. They have VERY good contacts inside HB and are even
> hosting a HB party in May with some personell from the studio
> there.

Razor drools. (Not as bad as "Garfield"'s Odie, but...)
Got names? Addresses? (Particularly of the cel dealer?)
I saw an animation shop in L.A., specifically Santa Monica ("Vintage
Animation"), which had some old H-B cels. No Kats cels, though. But I
didn't ask them at the time if they might have something.

Taken from the .sig of a fellow lister:
> Frank Fuller
> fuller_at_sioux.sodak.net
> Proud to be a Swat Kats fan at nearly 22 :)

And I'm proud to be a Kats fan at 25. I'm tempted to take a demographics
poll to find out how old the average list member is, but one thing's for
sure (and it's in our FAQ, btw): "animations are NOT just for children!"
(I'll shoot anyone with my Glovatrix that says differently. ;-)
Unfortunately, time constraints prevent me from doing much of anything at
the moment other than checking and replying to email and the occasional
update to the FAQ.

BTW, about the FAQ: yes, I know I haven't updated it lately. No time! :-P
I'll be updating the FAQ by the end of the week, so if you'd like to throw
in any updates, please email me before Thursday if possible. The next
update to the HTMLized FAQ will be on Friday; I'll try to get to the text
FAQ as soon as I can afterward.

Until later, keep flying, Kats fans!

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