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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 00:26:37 +0700

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Razor wrote:
>Edo queries:
>> BTW, is the Glovatrix use voice control or you have to press a button
>> to use it?
>I'd say the latter because every time the Glovatrix has been used it's
>always been activated. Yet the heroes usually announce the weapons they're
>using, maybe to coordinate an attack (so they use the same weapons,
>perhaps?) <shrug>

Don't know, they don't say anything when they attack Zed's defense system with their Glovatrix. So I guess that the Glovatrix doesn't use voice control.

>And of course, we, the viewing audience, get the
>benefit of knowing what they're going to use to see if it's effective.

And to think that chance is complaining on why the good Doc said something just to let us know what is going on.

>But I imagine it's not that difficult to rig up either the Turbokat or
>Glovatrix for voice activation. Razor was able to remotely control the
>Turbokat from his Glovatrix in "Mutation City."

Of course Razor have to find some chip that can recognize voice commands, maybe he can find some of those chip from the left over of the Blue Manx project.

Then again there is always the possibilities of the Glovatrix misunderstood the commands:

"Mini Scrambler missile!"

Then suddenly, the Glovatrix respond to the command, but giving him the wrong weapon, instead of a Mini Scrambler Missile, he got...

"What?! Aww Crud!!!"

...a can opener for opening a can of tuna.


On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Edo Andromedo wrote:
>> Why is that Felina replaces Steel? [ on 1st-season vs 2nd-season ]

Not "vs", but "<->".

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Razor wrote:
>Because Felina doesn't appear in any first-season episodes and Steel(e)
>doesn't appear in any second-season episodes.

What other kats that doesn't appear on the second season episodes? or the ones that rarely appear?

>Taken from the .sig of a fellow lister:
>> Frank Fuller
>> Proud to be a Swat Kats fan at nearly 22 :)
>And I'm proud to be a Kats fan at 25. I'm tempted to take a demographics
>poll to find out how old the average list member is,

Why don't we do it?

>but one thing's for
>sure (and it's in our FAQ, btw): "animations are NOT just for children!"
>(I'll shoot anyone with my Glovatrix that says differently. ;-)

Well Razor, you better shoot half the TV stations here, they seem to think that animations are just for children.

>Until later, keep flying, Kats fans!
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