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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 00:25:54 +0700

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Andy Hill wrote:
>>One quick question to people that
>>would pick this as the best ep: is your favourite character Razor??

On Sat, 20 Apr 1996, Frank Fuller wrote:
>As a matter of fact, yes, my favorite IS Razor, but the main reason I like
>this episode is that its something of a 'thinker', on a subject that other
>shows have overlooked, routinely.

Well, that episode kinda remind me of "Metal Urgency", "The Night of Dark=
 Kat", and "The Metallikats".

>I'm glad that SK was responsible enough to
>deal with the idea of bystanders potentially getting hurt, should a missile
>go astray. Most shows when a missile doesn't hit its intended target, you
>never hear of it again.

Well, in SWAT Kats, there is a lot of missiles that do the same thing that=
 you mention, of course we saw some of them hit some thing in previous=
 episodes, but it mainly just Enforcer property. Besides, I think that Razor=
 is so good, that the possibilities of a missile miss its target is just ...=

BTW, I'm always curious, Octopus missile wasn't design to explode on impact,=
 it just design to grab an enemy. Why the SwatKats wasn't suprised when the=
 missile explode?

>IMHO they dealt with it VERY well, when everyone
>thought those two were injured, and I mainly give it the credit for that.
>It's the best non-combat drama they've had on the show, really. (Although i=
>might just be that I'm an old fart, for liking it because of that ;)

Well, I personaly was worried that T-Bone gonna do something that he gonna=
 regret for the rest of his life.

>Frank Fuller
>Proud to be a Swat Kats fan at nearly 22 :)

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