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On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Andy Hill wrote:
>Man, is my mailprog putting my RN in the header again? That shouldn't
>be happening.

Nah, it's more on the line of, "Crud! better go manual."

Oh yeah, speaking of "man", doesn't Feral said "men" in "The Deadly Pyramid"=

>>>and though she's (Felina) in stark contrast to the ever-lovely Miss Brigg=
>>Stark contrast?
>Yeah, you know - as in "totally different".


>Callie's strong willed, but kinda
>petite; Felina's also strong willed, but more of an Amazonian Kat.


>Callie's fashion tastes kinda run toward designer names like Lagerfeld
>and Dior, where Felina's would favour Kevlar.

I don't know about you guys, but it seem that SWAT Kats with their big=
 budget (Hey, more than $ 200k seems big to me.), they seem to be lefting=
 out the costuming part for their character, most shows do this all the=
 time. But I kinda like the slight variation on the Commander's uniform in=
 "Metal Urgency", you know, the scene where he is in his office writing some=

>(Hey, there's nothing wrong with Kevlar! Some of my best friends wear
> it!)


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