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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 16:29:54 -0500 (CDT)

>>Has anybody noticed the ! NEW ! SK promos on CTN ? (at least I hadn't seen
>>them before) One ends with an exploding 'giant bacteria', and the word
>>KatFood is typed on the screen, one shows scenes from Ghost Pilot, and ends
>>with the scene where the biplace wings get sliced off, and Red Lynx looks
>>shocked- "Kitty Litter" gets typed over his face. There's another promo just
>>for the Saturday _at_ 2:00 pm showing. Maybe it's a good sign that they're
>>actually airing promos for Kats?

Gee, I hate to be the to spoil this for everybody <G>, but: IT'S NOT A NEW
PROMO!!!!! I've seen it before, mucho weeks ago, like, last year! Sorry!
I've seen it many a time, think I've got it on tape somewhere, and Lord
*knows* how long its been since I recorded an episode (I've got them *all*.
<smug gloating look> YES!!!)
Sorry, I'll calm down now . . . I hope. ;)

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