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From: Kevin L. Knoles <klknole_at_rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 13:25:38 -0600 (CST)

    A long time ago, someone on this list posted about a SWAT Kats site at the
Sci-Fi Channel's dominion. I discussed the possibility of creating a link to it
from the SK's resource page with Ratman. He wasn't too enthused about it, but I
still want it done, so he suggested that I poll fans. You can check it out


from the larger directory of:


    Here are some the pros and cons/for and against arguments of such a link
that I've come up with off the top of my head:


    This is the only SWAT Kats site of any signifigance on the web that I know
of that's entirely seperate from rat.org. It only seems right to link them.

    By creating a link, we'd allow SWAT Kats fan a simple outlet for praising
and otherwise commenting on the series in a public forum, with the bonus of the
posts "sticking" for several months (The comments up there right now are rather
old, but still there.) This cannot truly be done with alt.tv.swat-kats since
so few people can subscribe (I can't =-< ) and posts on the usenet fade so
quickly. Nor does this list serve the purpose since it is also temporary
(sort of) and Kats fans must seek it out and subscribe to read it.

    If we fill the site up with SWAT Kats posts, then regular readers of the
dominion and those who randomly surf the web may happen upon it and learn of
SWAT Kats fandom. This *is* a bit of a circular argument since many of these
posts to it will be made after the site is established.

    It could bring in more fans. Wouldn't it be great if SWAT Kats Fans
subscribed and told us "I subscribed to this list after reading about it on the
Sci Fi Channel Web sight." ?

    Beggars can't be choosers.


    The site was apparently started by a fan, so it is mispelled "Swat Cats"
The maintainers of the Dominion can't change it since they are not to interfer
with what the fans start.

    Ratman feels it would make rat.org look bad.

    The fact that we agreed to establish a link might in some way make *us* look
bad, desperate, or whatever.

    The site is only one of hundreds and being so commonplace cheapens and
trivializes SWAT Kats.

    There are currently only two posts there about it.

    We can do just fine without it.

    Eh, that's all I can think of for now. In case it's not clear, I'm for the
link, and if and when one is established, I'll post lots of info to it. Heck,
I'll do that soon even if the link *isn't* established.
    Since I am for it, I can't let my own arguments against pass without
counterpoints ;-)

    The spelling error is an understandable one that we can easily clarify,
afterwhich the correct spelling will be understood. As matter of fact, the
paragraph that contains the link will point this out. (Something along the
lines of "SWAT Kats is mispelled, but it's still better than nothing.")

    I don't think it would make rat.org look all that bad, especially
considering the existence of the perv images and the reputation damage *they*
must cause.

    I don't think creating such a link would make us look desperate. Since
when does making a link, even if it is a bad one, an act of desperation?

    Lots of great series, anime, and movies are located at the topic sight. It
doesn't hurt or cheapen them, but simply expands the fandom.

    The fact that it only has two posts just goes to demonstrate the need for
drawing attention to it through a link

    We *have* done just fine without the link, but I think establishing it
would make us better off by expanding SWAT Kats fandom.

    If you have any additional for or against comments, then I guess posting to
the list would be on-topic and fine provided that you are not simply making a

    To vote for or against the link, then please E-mail me with your vote for
or against vote and your name. Do not, Do Not, *DO*NOT* post to the list
saying simply "for" or "against". You may vote only once, and each additional
vote will only be a waste of time since I won't count them. I'll keep a
running total, and I swear on a stack of bibles I'll keep the results honest
and confidential when I post them, say next Thursday, April 4th (I can move
back the deadline if need be.)

    I hope to hear from everybody soon.

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