Re: Poll for new Kats link

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 16:03:55 EST

Max wrote:

>> This is the only SWAT Kats site of any signifigance on the web
that I know
>>of that's entirely seperate from It only seems right to
link them.

>Are you serious about this, Kevin?

I went over there, just to check it out. I agree with ratman--it
sucked. What's
the point of having conversations on a sucky site when we can have
them in
the privacy of our own e-mailboxes?

>Take a good hard look at the World Wide Web sometime. You'll find
that 80%
>of the pages consist of links to OTHER pages (often pages of links
>themselves!), maybe 15% of the pages are redundant and duplicate
info from
>elsewhere, and finally, you get to the small percentage of pages
that offer
>some actual information.

Yeah! I used to surf, but I don't do it anymore unless it's at school,
 where it's
free on a 28.8 modem and I'm not paying high Prodigy bills (ah, the
wonder of
private school!). A waste of time. I searched "seaQuest" once under
and I got about 700 sites (no, I didn't check them ALL) that
mentioned seaQuest
ONCE in their random listing of sci-fi links. And when someone has a
link to yahoo--what's
the point of that? Everyone knows that address anyway.

                                        Dr. Jake

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