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From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 17:35:03 -0600 (CST)

> The name of the message thread is "Swat Cats". I don't know about you, but
> if I want to discuss the kats, I'll either do it here, or if it's kinda
> off topic, I'll do it on (where it's at least spelled
> right).

    Like I said, since is so obscure, few people can make any
type of comment there, and being part of the usenet, any posts will fade in
just a few days. Posts to the Dominion site stick for months and just about
anybody with web access can get it.

> I don't want to link them because they suck. I have to maintain some kind of

    Which is a subjective opinion. *I* don't think they suck. I made it clear
that my argument *was* a bit circular; After a link is established, there would
be more posts, good posts. Even then would you still think they suck and
refuse to link?

> quality control. This is some lame message base on a cable channel that
> doesn't even carry the Kats. If they do, then I'll link them. Until then, I
> will not link them. Live with it.

    I knew you didn't want to link up with them, that was clear. But I thought
your rejection was on a different basis than what you say now. Here's what you
said then (Oh, Geez, here I go breaking one of the biggest rules of netiquette
and posting private E-mail.)

spelled wrong, then I don't want to have anything to do with it.
I think I'll hold off on the link. This site is just of such poor
quality, I think it would make us look bad.

    I explained that the spelling wasn't what *they* did, just a fan, and I
wasn't certain if that would convince you or not, so I kept pushing. Later on:

> > I have a link to
> > If people want to post messages about kats, they can do it there.
> Unless they're like me and 99.9999% of the universe and can't subscribe to
> it. I'll do what I said and make a poll of what the Kats Fans think.

Just make sure you're VERY clear that people should not reply to the list
about it.

    No flat out refusals were made, so I posted the poll. Now I'm being told
that there will not ever be such a link, no matter what the vote turns out.

> > so few people can subscribe (I can't =-< ) and posts on the usenet fade so
> If you don't get the newsgroup, ask your internet provider. It's a legit
> newsgroup, ask them to add it. This goes for anyone that doesn't get it.

    Same here. However, I *have* requested the group, three times, and they
haven't listened to me. I said Please and everything too. I'll try again in a
minute and see if I get any results.

> > The fact that we agreed to establish a link might in some way make *us*
> > bad, desperate, or whatever.
> "We" agreed to establish a link? I'm afraid I don't feel responsible for
> someone telling them I was going to link them. Howabout if I told them you'd
> give them $1000 dollars?

    Then you'd be lying.

    I'm not saying that *you* have agreed (In case that's what is being
implied.), I was speaking in a future tense, and refering to the turnout of a
majority vote, which would be an overall agreement between Kats Fans
(There's this little thing called "Democracy".), and I will keep objective track
of the vote.

> > I don't think it would make look all that bad, especially
> > considering the existence of the perv images and the reputation damage *they
> > must cause.
> If I got complaints, i'd take em down. So you're saying the site already
> looks bad for having perv images, so why not make it suck even more by adding
> a "Swat Cats" message board? I don't like that logic.

    You have gotten complaints, to the list long ago when they went up and from
me via E-mail; In a moment of righteous indignation and in an attempt to make
myself look good, I described them as disgusting and repulsive, remember?
(To which you replied "I like them.") My position on the perv stuff is that
it's fine for whoever wants to look at them, and should stay up as an integral
part of Kats fandom. Whoever is offended has no one to blame but themselves for
downloading them. I think I've only looked at them once or twice each, to
satisfy my curiousity, and mark them off as "read" in the files (you know,
change the blue lettering to purple.) like all SWAT Kats images at
Can't think of what the second download was for...

    But whether or not the perv images make look bad is a matter of
opinion. I think they do, and I think creating a link to a less than perfect
site is a far lesser "crime", the advantages of which outweigh any harm. I
think we're divided here (No duh.) and the contradiction is evident. You don't
want to creat the link, but you do want to keep the images (And the perv stuff
is just an example I'm using. I want them to stay too.) You're not making the
link because of your opinion against it, but, as you imply, the perv images
already suck, but you keep them? My opinion yet again: Perv images bad for, possible link good. In my mind, the link would improve by
exapanding fandom and the others reason I've given. The only Logic I dislike
here is what you're offering: Your opinions as absolutes.

    Ratman, I've probably made you mad at me a lot of times before with my
suggestions, and you've been kind enough to not come down on me hard. I am
simply standing up for an opinion of mine, and I would hope that that in itself
doesn't make you hate me. (I say sweating profusely.)

    BTW, I've only gotten one vote thus far, a conditional from a person who
shall remain anonymous. I'll accept it as a no to what I originally proposed,
and a yes to what it describes, which I'll post about soon as an amendment or
rewrite to the original link proposition. The other 2 votes were more or less
made before I made the poll. One by myself, and another against by Ratman. I
haven't made plans for any additional description of voter turnout until the
vote is complete, nor do I know the minimum number of votes to count, or what
to do in the case of a tie. Suggestions?

    And I thought I'd run a description of what I foresee such a link as being:

    "_Comments?_" or something similar would be one of the directories at the
SWAT Kats resource page. Clicking it would lead here:

    The Sci-Fi Channel has a comment board devoted to SWAT Kats (Unfortunately
still spelled "SWAT Cats") If you have any positive comments to make
about the series or would like to check out what others have said, click

    No biggy. Lots of sights have something like this, and this would allow
one at without having to go to the bother of creating a whole new one.
For or against? Vote at the address below.

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