Re: Poll for new Kats link

From: Ratman <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:11:52 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Kevin L. Knoles wrote:

> A long time ago, someone on this list posted about a SWAT Kats site at the
> Sci-Fi Channel's dominion. I discussed the possibility of creating a link to it
> from the SK's resource page with Ratman. He wasn't too enthused about it, but I
> still want it done, so he suggested that I poll fans. You can check it out
> at:

The name of the message thread is "Swat Cats". I don't know about you, but
if I want to discuss the kats, I'll either do it here, or if it's kinda
off topic, I'll do it on (where it's at least spelled

> This is the only SWAT Kats site of any signifigance on the web that I know
> of that's entirely seperate from It only seems right to link them.

I don't want to link them because they suck. I have to maintain some kind of
quality control. This is some lame message base on a cable channel that
doesn't even carry the Kats. If they do, then I'll link them. Until then, I
will not link them. Live with it.

> and otherwise commenting on the series in a public forum, with the bonus of the
> posts "sticking" for several months (The comments up there right now are rather
> old, but still there.) This cannot truly be done with since
> so few people can subscribe (I can't =-< ) and posts on the usenet fade so
> quickly. Nor does this list serve the purpose since it is also temporary
> (sort of) and Kats fans must seek it out and subscribe to read it.

If you don't get the newsgroup, ask your internet provider. It's a legit
newsgroup, ask them to add it. This goes for anyone that doesn't get it.

> The fact that we agreed to establish a link might in some way make *us* look
> bad, desperate, or whatever.

"We" agreed to establish a link? I'm afraid I don't feel responsible for
someone telling them I was going to link them. Howabout if I told them you'd
give them $1000 dollars.

> I don't think it would make look all that bad, especially
> considering the existence of the perv images and the reputation damage *they*
> must cause.

If I got complaints, i'd take em down. So you're saying the site already
looks bad for having perv images, so why not make it suck even more by adding
a "Swat Cats" message board? I don't like that logic.

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