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From: Paul Kemner <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:21:28 -0500 (EST)

Hey, NetKats!

I looked at the SciFi chanel site today, re Kevin's post. It seems to be
possible to post new headers, so I'd suggest that we start one with the
correct spelling, if we add a link to there.

On a related subject: I've been thinking about online ways to attract new
fans to the show. How about picking one or more general interest topics, and
having everybody post replies to rec.arts.animation, and possibly copies to
this SciFi site? Even if they have already been discussed on the mailing
list, posting them might create a lot of new viewers to agitate for new

I was thinking about topics like:

Who's your favorite SK adversary?
What's the best episode in terms of animation quality?
What's the best episode in terms of story line?
Is SK anime or is it Anime-like? (get all us anime fans to take a look at
the show so they can give their opinion).
  etc. etc. etc.

If this has already been suggested before I joined the list, please forgive.
It's not easy finding Kats on the web- most searchers didn't show anyting
when I started looking. Since TCN programs usually aren't listed in
newspaper TV schedules, you're not likely to know that the show is out
there, what it's about, or if it's worth watching. Maybe generating some
general-interest stuff on usenet would help.

Paul Kemner

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