Re: The vortex scene on "The Pastmaster Always Ring Twice".

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> SWAT Kats just happens to hold an unusual position in all this. It was
>created by Candians, produced by an American company infamous for bad
>animation, and happened to animated by one of the worst South Korean studios
>(Assuming that critic was correct in the nationality of Hanho Heung-Up) *and*
>what I consider one of the best Japanese animation studios.
> This is getting dangerously off-topic
> I'll make up with more posts later. (Yeah, that's the ticket.)

Actually, the way it works out (so I've been told by WBA people) is that
overseas studios often have a two or three tier system whereby they
"stream" their animators according to expertise as kind of "A", "B", and "C"
crews; assigning them to different projects based on the nature of the
project, and how well it pays.

"SwatKats" doesn't look as though it had the same budget allotted for each
episode, so it's possible that some of the Hanho eps drew "A" crews, some
"B" and others "C". I've seen some episodes of "Animaniacs" done by
a fine Japanese Studio - Tokyo Movie Shinsha - that varied considerably
*within* the very same ep: the work of two very different crews clearly

Hanho Heung-Up is *not* a lousy studio, Korean or otherwise, as they've
animted some fine things in the past ("Tale Spin" comes to mind), and I
didn't personally think that their Katseps were all that bad. Mook was just

(Oh yeah. I read Kevin's stuff the first time 'round and *didn't* pick up
  even the slightest hint of any racism, but, well...your mileage may vary).
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