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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 16:12:51 EST

Kevin wrote:
>> overseas studios often have a two or three tier system whereby
>> "stream" their animators according to expertise as kind of "A",
"B", and "C"
>> crews; assigning them to different projects based on the nature of
>> project, and how well it pays.

> I already knew that. But based on what I've seen, Hanho's best
>teams are worse than Mook's worst.

I agree. I'll admit--Hanho's work was MUCH better than some other
(especially Saturday morning stuff) that I've seen, but there were
some aspects
I didn't like. Watch the Mooks, then attempt to watch a Hanho and
you'll know
what I'm talking about.
  My favorite scene and I think the most vital one to fanfic is the
flashback of
the Kat guys in the enforcers, and that was SLOPPY. It's really a
shame that
such a scene wasn't done by Mook. Hanho tends to get a bit blubbery,
with arms and legs.
   Still, he did improve in second season, as Mook did. "Cry Turmoil"
and "The
Origin of Doctor Viper" were both improvements in style on his first

                                       Dr. Jake

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